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  • Abbott Ensure Refill Pack Vanilla 200gm


    Complete balanced nutritional supplement for adults. It has the right mix of 32 vital nutrients. It is scientifically designed for adults to help them feel strong, healthy and support recovery. It contains high-quality proteins that help improve muscle strength and a balanced macronutrient ratio that supports optimal protein utilization. This product is scientifically formulated and clinically shown with 32 nutrients including Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D that may be missing from your diet.

  • Abbott Similac Advance Follow Up Infant Formula Stage 2 – 400 g (After 6 Months)


    Similac Advance 2 is a spray dried stage 2 follow-up formula designed for infants from 6 months onwards as part of a healthy diet during and after weaning. For over 85 years, Similac from Abbott Nutrition has set the standards for science-based infant nutrition and has been nourishing millions of babies worldwide.

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    Azzurra ESSENTIAL 2.25 400 gm

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    Reduces Glycemix Index (GI) work load Calorie dense with minimal fluid Rich in whey peptide and fortified with MCT for easy digestion

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    Azzurra ESSENTIAL PEPTIDE 400 gm

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    Complete elemental formula in the malabsorption conditions induced due to a side-effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy Enriched with all the required minerals and vitamins for daily consumption Ideal supplement for the dietary management of GI disorders Ideal for oral and tube feed

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    Azzurra Glutamax EL (10X15) 150 gm

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    Can help increase intestinal permeability Can be helpful in balancing and promoting healthy gut flora Fortified with antioxidants which can reduce tissue damage and oxidative stress May help prevent mucositis and neutropenia

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